The Nine (9) Most Common Regrets People Have At The End of Their Life

Recently, I was reading a blog post by Grace Bluerock that really hit me.  Grace had spent 6 years working in a hospice taking care of men and women who knew they were going to die.

Many of these folks reflected back on their lives trying to come to peace with their decisions and in retrospect identifying their regrets.

Over the years, Grace found there were nine (9) common regrets that came up over and over again.  Here they are:

  1. I wish I had been more loving to the people who matter most
  2. I wish I had been a better spouse, parent or child
  3. I wish I had not spent so much time working
  4. I wish I had taken more risks
  5. I wish I had been happier and enjoyed life more
  6. I wish I had lived my own dream
  7. I wish I had taken better care of myself
  8. I wish I had done more for others
  9. I wish I had chosen work that was meaningful to me

As I read over the nine regrets above, I noticed the power of number 6 - I wish I had lived my own dream.

You see, if your living your own dream, it takes care of so many of the other regrets.  By living your own dream, you're happier, want to share more of your life with others and your life becomes meaningful.  Living your own dream also builds your self-esteem and self worth and encourages you to take risks. 

So why is so hard to live our own dreams?

One word.  Expectations.

Others expectations of you, society's expectations of you, your boss's expectation of you, and so on.

You see, unless you break out of the cycle of living based on what the world around you wants from you and start focusing on what YOU want, you may end up with many of the regrets above.

The good news.  You can change the actions you take TODAY to start reclaiming what you really want in life.  Start slow if you have to by just changing one small part of your life and then add on to it, but start!