For Those Who Want An Extraordinary Life

CORE Living™ is our signature program specifically developed to connect goals to individual aspirations.  
It is based on the following beliefs:

  1. Each individual has a core purpose that when connected to meaningful goals will shape their lives and create fulfillment.
  2. Most individuals cannot overcome external forces and obstacles unless introduced to a supportive and action oriented process.
  3. Each individual has the ability to evolve over time creating greater accomplishments and advancement.



getting clear on what you want and why

  • Identify gaps between where you are now and where you want to go
  • Understand your current situation and what has to change
  • Decide your vision for the future
  • Develop a plan and prioritize what you want to accomplish


Working toward your ultimate life

  • Identify daily behaviors and actions and short term performance goals
  • Identify key people and resources needed to accomplish your goals
  • Prepare for obstacles and triggers that can take you offtrack
  • Create metrics so you can measure your success
  • Utilize the CORE Living community and mentors to keep you on track


assess your results

  • Evaluate your results and assess your progress
  • Revise and/or adjust your vision based on your experiences
  • Revise and/or adjust your behaviors or habits based on obstacles encountered


moving to the next level

  • Establish new goals to expand your accomplishments toward your ultimate vision
  • Create new goals to support your evolving desires

The CORE Living™ process encompasses all key areas of an individual's life according to their priorities.  For company-specific help, please contact us about our CORE Business™ process.