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Making 2016 Your Best Year Ever! (In-Person)

How to Stay Focused, Productive and Accountable to Your 2016 Goals with Our Powerful 90-day program.

Did you know 95% of those who have accountability appointments accomplish their goals compared to only 25% if they go it alone?

Our powerful 90-day program will get you to the next level!  Join to get the following benefits:

* Get clear on your goals
* Overcome obstacles
* Develop a measurable action plan
* Stay accountable and overcome conflicts
* Become part of a supportive community

Consists of:

  1. Seven 75 minute group sessions - Noon to 1:15pm at Fulton Street WeWork (222 Broadway) on Feb 4th, Feb 18th, Mar 3rd, Mar 17th, Mar 31st, Apr 7th, Apr 21st.
  2. Two 30 minute private sessions (Week of Feb 8th and Week of Apr 25th)
  3. Accountability Calls w/ Partner (Throughout program)
  4. Private LinkedIn Group Access

An affordable and proven approach to goal setting and execution.  

All courses facilitated by Lou Leone.  View a copy of the flyer here.  
Have questions?  Email us.

Don't lose another year!

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Making 2016 Your Best Year Ever (90-day Program) - In-Person

Making 2016 Your Best Year Ever (90-day Program)

This program will be conducted live at WeWork Fulton Street (222 Broadway).

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