Introducing the LEADER Model™

Our proprietary LEADER Model™ is an enhanced version of the GROW Model™, created by Alexander Graham and Sir John Whitmore which is deservedly the most established and successful coaching model in the industry today.  The LEADER Model™ adds specific actions as they relate to the measuring and revising of goals to provide for greater focus and benchmarking.


List Your Goal(s)

  • Identify the type of goal or goals by understanding your ultimate vision and what you want to achieve.
  • Validate that your goal is consistent with your values and aspirations.  Make sure there are no conflicts
  • Prioritize your goals in order of importance and impact.

E -examine

Examine your current reality

  • Understand where are you now in your current situation.
  • Understand what actions have been taken and the results.
  • Clarify your understanding of obstacles that have prevented or limited progress.
  • Identify gaps that exist between where you are now and your ultimate goal.

A -alternatives

What are your alternatives for each goal

  • Identify what you can do.
  • Understand all the possibilities and choices and their potential impact.
  • Outline and brainstorm strategies for greatest impact.

d -decide

decide which alternative works for you

  • Understand what you will change to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Create a strategy and action plan to realize and achieve your vision.
  • Identify possible obstacles that may stand in your way.
  • Establish a measure of accountability to ensure your progress.

e -execute

execute your action plan

  • Put your plan in action.
  • Evaluate any obstacles that you're encountering and assess how to overcome them.
  • Receive support and direction when needed.

R -review

review your progress

  • Evaluate your progress against benchmarks established.
  • Is the plan working?
  • Does it need to be revised?
  • Adjust action plan as necessary.

The LEADER Model™ is continuous and progressive and allows for the flexibility to move through the necessary steps in any sequence as needed.  It provides the baseline support for all you may want to accomplish and will be the principle means to guide our efforts in your success.