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Close more clients by targeting local businesses that need your product or service.

Leadinary is the all-in-one lead generation platform for providers targeting local businesses.

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For Providers Targeting Local Businesses

If you sell a service or product to local businesses anywhere in the WORLD, then Leadinary is the all-in-one platform that drives your lead generation and cold email campaigns.

SEO Services
PPC / Advertising Services
Google My Business Optimization
GMB Reviews Management
Insurance to Local Businesses
SaaS App for Local Businesses
Content Writing
Website Design / Development
POS Systems / Hardware
Email Marketing
Social Media Management
Accounting / Financial Services

The Lead Gen Engine Built to Target Local Businesses

Below are just some of the valuable features that make Leadinary the go-to solution for thousands of agencies and providers.

Map with Listings

Search Google Maps

Type any keyword and select any location – worldwide – to see the actual results along with their data using the official Google Maps API.

Crawl Websites for More Data

In addition to GMB listing data, Leadinary crawls the website for more information such as:

Identify Target Listings

Easily identify Google Business Profiles that meet your criteria.​ Getting clients is hard. Win more deals by targeting only leads that need your services.

Save Prospects to Lists

Every search provides real-time listings which can be reviewed and save to specific Lists for better organization and campaign management. Use Lists for different targets or locations.

GMB and SEO Reports

Generate custom branded reports for listings. The GMB report provides detailed analysis of the listing and identifies gaps. The SEO report scans their website to identify opportunities. Use these to provide value-first to business owners and close more deals.

Effective Email Marketing

Use our outreach engine to create email campaigns that drive more sales. Be value-focused from the onset by attaching GMB or SEO reports that impress leads immediately.

Monitor Campaign Results

Generate better results with more targeted campaigns. Learn from each campaign by reviewing the performance and adjust for future outreach to local businesses.

Separate Workspaces

Agencies or providers who need separate workspaces for brands or clients can keep things organized. Assign specific team members and each brand’s unique Google Maps API key to its own workspace.

Watch How Leadinary Works.

Seeing is Believing

This video demonstrates why Leadinary is the most critical app in your tech stack, and quite possibly, the only needed to generate more sales.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Every business can generate results with Leadinary and recognize the money saved by eliminating time-consuming tasks, staff costs (VAs), data costs, and better use of time. Most importantly, only one sale can pay for Leadinary forever.

$29 / mo

*No Credit card required

$49 / mo

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$99 / mo

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$199 / mo

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per month



per month



per month



per month

# of Searches / month*
Scrape Website Data of Listings
Generate & View GMB Reports

Plan Type

  • # of Searches / month*
  • Scrape Website Data of Listings
  • Generate & View GMB Reports
  • Generate & View SEO Reports
  • PDF Branded Reports (Exports)
  • Contact Leads / Email Marketing (releasing in mid-Dec)
  • Workspaces **
  • Users (Team Members)


$ 29 per month
  • 1,000
  • Included
  • List Item #3

Frequently Asked Questions

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