The Best Outscraper Alternative to Scrape Google Maps Listings

If you’re a serious agency offering services to local businesses, then you need reliable software. Leadinary is agency-first, easier to use, quicker to set up, and provides a far better experience for your team.

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An Outscraper Alternative

Outscraper scrapes Google Maps from your browser but Leadinary retrieves the data directly from Google Maps API and is a robust all-in-one app.

Our customers want more than what they offer so we built Leadinary to satisfy the robust features that agencies need along with a better user experience.

If you’re okay with what their web scraper offers in its raw state without the website scraping, custom branded reports, and ability to create outreach campaigns, AND don’t need to manage many lists, clients, or brands, Leadinary may be too much software for you. But if you care about having the best Google Maps Scraper that is  constantly improving to deliver a better experience for you and team members, you’re in the right place.

Leadinary vs. Outscraper Product Comparison

Data from Google Maps API
❌ - Web scraper only
No Limit on # of Records Retrieved
❌ - Limited to 5k/month pages
Saves all Search History (Leads are saved)
Scrape Website Data of Listings
❌ - Pay for another scraper; Not integrated together.
# of Data Points
Website Meta & Technographic Data
Robust Email Marketing Functionality
Bulk Contact Leads (Campaigns functionality)
Workspaces (Allows separation of brands/projects)
Multiple Google Maps API Keys (1 per workspace)
Bulk Search Locations or Keywords
Save Groups (Locations / Keywords)
Users / Team Management
Fast Search Results
No Upsells / One-Time-Offers
❌ - Pay separately for all other data scraping like website data
Generate and View GMB Reports
Generate and View SEO Reports
PDF Custom Branded Reports
Support Helpdesk Response Time
✅ - Within 24 Hours (M-F)

An Alternative to Leads Gorilla

Leads Gorilla was one of the first to provide a usable interface for Google Maps listings and managing such leads. Kudos to them.

We wanted more than what they offered so built Leadinary to satisfy the robust features that agencies need along with a better user experience. If you’re okay with their app offers in its current state and don’t need to manage many clients or brands, Leadinary may be too much software for you. But if you care about a constantly improving product with a better experience for you and team members, you’re in the right place.

Notable Differences: Here's why we think Leadinary is a better alternative to Outscraper both in terms of value, functionality, and reliability.

Save Search History
Search results from each request are saved in your search history for quick reference and to avoid wasting additional API calls.
Scrape Website Data of Listings
In addition to GMB listing data, Leadinary crawls the website for more information such as:
More Data Points
Enrich listing data with website data to help you better target, identify necessary services, and close leads faster.
GMB and SEO Reports
Generate custom branded reports for listings. The GMB report provides detailed analysis of the listing and identifies gaps. The SEO report scans their website to identify opportunities. Use these to provide value-first to business owners and close more deals.
Robust Email Marketing
Use our outreach engine to create email campaigns that drive more sales. Be value-focused from the onset by attaching GMB or SEO reports that impress leads immediately.
Bulk Contact Leads
Contact more leads without having to send emails 1-by-1. Simply setup a campaign and select any save Lead List to contact all the leads within it.
Monitor Campaign Results
Generate better results with more targeted campaigns. Learn from each campaign by reviewing the performance and adjust for future outreach to local businesses.
Separate Workspaces
Agencies or providers who need separate workspaces for brands or clients can keep things organized. Assign specific team members and each brand’s unique Google Maps API key to its own workspace.
Users & Team Management
Invite your team members to help identify quality leads and execute cold email campaigns to generate more sales.
No Upsells / One-Time-Offers (OTO) / Separate Functions

Choose any of our monthly plans and whatever features listed are exactly what you get. No surprises or having to pay for additional features.

When comparing Leadinary to Outscraper people typically ask the following questions:

Can I try before I buy?
Yes. Please register and you’ll be able to do a trial of our app with some basic limits. To increase your limits, you must upgrade to a paid plan.
What features are planned for the future?
We have a roadmap and ideas suggestions for you to help us determine what to release next.
Can I upgrade or downgrade from any paid plan?
Yes. We use industry-standard Stripe for subscriptions and allow you to upgrade or downgrade at any time.
Do I need a Google Maps API key?
Yes. We provide detailed instructions on how to generate your own Google Maps API key. It only takes a few minutes.

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