Close more leads by targeting local businesses that need your product or service

Leadinary is an all-in-one tool to find, research, and connect with local businesses.

Generate more sales by identifying more target leads. You can’t grow without pitching to the right businesses. Leadinary lets you find targeted leads, perform research on their Google Business Profiles (GMB) listings and website SEO, generate custom reports, and contact them directly.

What's that worth to you?

The Local Business Listing Directory

Easily identify Google Business Profiles that meet your criteria.

Getting clients is hard. Win more deals by targeting only leads that need your services.

Find Targeted Leads from Google Maps. Works for Any Country.

Identify and Analyze Ranking Factors for Any Local Business On Google

Leadinary scoring system Identifies Leads and Easy-to-Sell Clients

Generate & Download Branded GMB and SEO Reports

Find Unclaimed Google My Business Pages to Target Clients

Built-in Email Sending System to Contact Leads

All-in-one SEO toolset

Optimize your website
Analyze your competitors
Study what your customers are searching for
Learn from your industry’s top performing content
Track your ranking progress
What Are You Selling?

Millions of businesses are struggling to find service providers who can get the job done. Can you?

Find untapped businesses that need your product or service. It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting local businesses, searching nationwide, or open to clients worldwide, Leadinary can help you find the right leads.

What are you offering?

Here’s what other businesses are already selling to such leads:

Get More Clients

Your competitors will beat you to the punch if you let them. Use LEADINARY to find and research local businesses to fill your lead pipeline.

It’s important to be first and make a compelling case as to why prospects should care. Leadinary helps you do exactly that. However, you have to act now to take advantage of this secret weapon before your competitors do.

Find Unlimited B2B Leads for free with emails and phone numbers.

Generate Custom Branded Reports that will demand attention.

Enrich Google Business Profile data with our advanced website scraper.

Contact Businesses Directly via our built-in Email Outreach System.

Step 01

Find Leads via Google Maps

Every agency and service provider needs more customers. 

And they’ve all tried buying list after list only have a few leads convert out of thousands of supposedly targeted companies.

What would your company look like if you could double or triple that lead amount? What if you could essentially eliminate the cost of generating new leads completely? And how many more sales could you make if you spent more time focused on the most qualified leads?

Whether you do or don’t know the answers to such questions, Leadinary is for YOU!

Step 02

Collect Information on Leads

At its core, Leadinary is a data mining, scraping, and automation tool which is built for Google Maps. It’s essentially the Swiss Army Knife for local business lead generation. It extracts, enriches, and exports data from Google Maps. But it is SO MUCH MORE.

Leadinary is built by a lead generation agency that has experience in not only B2B list building but also email outreach. They use it for their own business and now it’s available to everyone at an extremely affordable price.

Step 03

Generate Custom Reports

After sending millions of emails to prospects, we’ve learned something about what drives open rates and results – it’s VALUE

Most people blast thousands of emails offering zero upfront value and cross their fingers hoping for positive results.

We’ve taken the opposite approach by providing the ability to generate GMB and SEO reports that are:

  • Fully branded
  • Contain the company’s information
  • Identify opportunities for improvements
  • Full of value

Prospects will think you’ve spent hours scouring the web, researching, and preparing custom reports just for them. 

We refer to this as a value-first strategy. It works wonders!

Step 04

Manage or Export Leads

Every business has its own way of doing things so we’re not gonna ask you to switch CRMs. Instead, just export all the leads you find through Leadinary and import them to your CRM. 

Or you can manage all your leads and email outreach from within Leadinary.

Your choice.

Step 05

Close More Deals

Delivering value and credibility in your industry coupled with our leads and data intelligence, it’s inevitable that you’ll increase the amount of deals closed

Like us, you’re in the business of making money so you need a tool that can repeatedly feed you leads. Leadinary does that now and forever.

What are the basic features?

How much is it? $49 or $179

It gives you LIFETIME access to the platform. Though, it must be bought NOW while this deal lasts. Once it’s over, we cannot guarantee this deal will be offered ever again.

That pays for support and updates. Support is usually
answered within 2 business days or less, via email.

Did you know?
of businesses have claimed their Google My Business listing
The average income of a business in the US per year.
If they aren’t willing to pay a mere fraction of that to increase their online exposure, chances are you aren’t providing them the right offer.
Find local unclaimed businesses along with areas for improvement such as SEO, advertising, web design, ratings, and more.

So what else do I get?

In addition to Leadinary itself, you will get access to our Local Business Outreach guide.
Leadinary will continue to be developed in parallel, and will allow sharing of Business Intelligence among lead generation, competitive analysis, and other applications.

What are people using it for?

Many of the people who are using it are using it to sell websites to companies, contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers, etc…

For those that have websites, some are selling Mobile Websites. A mechanic uses it to find and call salvage yards looking for parts. A customer that manages a large sports supplements distributor is using it to find new stores to sell to. He’s now able to search in Europe and sell into markets he could never imagine before. Another is beginning to integrate Yelp into their application and process reviews for reputation management purposes. I’ve set up a friend just to do competitive analysis of his own market. I’ve given copies to friends looking for a jobs and two of those friends have SOLD COPIES of this software.

If you're selling to LOCAL BUSINESSES,

This is the tool you've been waiting for!

Fill Your Sales Pipeline!

How much is it?

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

$49 / mo

*No Credit cards required

$99 / mo

*No Credit cards required

$199 / mo

*No Credit cards required

What Does That Pay for?

It gives you LIFETIME access to the platform. Though, it must be bought NOW while this deal lasts. Once it’s over, we cannot guarantee this deal will be offered ever again. That pays for support and updates. Support is usually answered within 2 business days or less, via email.