Google My Business Listing Data Points

Google My Business (GMB) optimization is important for local businesses because it can help improve their visibility and attract potential customers in local search results.

GMB is a free platform that allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google, including their search and map listings. By optimizing their GMB listing, businesses can make sure that their listing is complete and accurate, and includes relevant information and keywords that will help potential customers find them. This can help improve the visibility of the business in local search results, which can lead to more website traffic, phone calls, and ultimately, more customers. GMB optimization is also important because it can help businesses manage and respond to reviews, which can improve their reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

The following data points are found in Google Business Profiles listings (formerly known as Google My Business (GMB) listings).

  1. Location
  2. Business name
  3. Keywords related to the business’s products or services
  4. Business category
  5. NAP (Name, Address, Phone number)
  6. Reviews and ratings
  7. Business hours
  8. Images and videos
  9. Website URL
  10. Business owner or contact information
  11. Social media links
  12. Backlinks
  13. Meta descriptions and title tags
  14. Structured data (e.g. schema markup)
  15. User experience and mobile optimization

These Google My Business listing data points are relevant to local SEO and GMB listing optimization. Utilizing specific keywords depending on a business’s location, industry, and target audience is very important. Furthermore, it’s critical to conduct thorough keyword research and use relevant keywords in the business’s online listings, website, and other online content to improve its visibility in local search results.

Overall, GMB optimization is a crucial part of any local SEO strategy and can help businesses attract more customers and grow their business.

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