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What are reports and how can I use them?

Leadinary offers the ability to generate PDF reports that provide insights that can help the leads you are searching for improve their rankings either in Google Maps or other search results.

At this time, Leadinary offers two reports:

  1. Google My Business / Google Business Profile Report – this report provides a series of ranking factors that may affect the business’s Google My Business listing inside of Google Maps and Google search results and ways of improving their business listing.
  2. Website SEO Report – for listings that have a website, this report analyzes their website SEO and provides an overview of important SEO metrics and areas of improvement that may help improve the websites performance in Google and other search engines.

For service providers that provide services in either of these categories, you can attach either (or both) of these reports when sending campaigns to leads within Leadinary to provide value to potential customers and improve the chance of conversion.

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